FreeBSD with X.Org on QEMU

X.Org form ports works fine with cirrus driver, but starts in 800×600 only. Small tweak to configuration file is needed to run X in higher resolutions.


Multiple FreeBSD jails sharing one IP address

If you want to use multiple jails on FreeBSD with only one external IP addresses you may set up all jails on private addressed with little help of loopback interface, NAT and PF.


Deploying IPsec in small LAN in 3 easy steps

I think about installing IPsec on computers in my home LAN for some time. There are many configurations possible: tunnel mode, transport mode, peer-to-peer solution or star topology with single VPN hub. Also there are different IPsec implementations. KAME for *BSD, Openswan, strongSwan and Linux 2.6 PF_KEY implementation (which can be used with setkey and […]