FreeBSD with X.Org on QEMU

X.Org form ports works fine with cirrus driver, but starts in 800×600 only. Small tweak to configuration file is needed to run X in higher resolutions.

Install X.Org and drivers

First install xorg, xf86-video-cirrus and xf86-input-keyboard ports.

DBus and HAL

Installing DBus and HAL allow X Server to guess hardware configuration and work without any configuration file.

If your console get flooded by messages like this after enabling HAL:

acd0: FAILURE - unknown CMD (0x03) ILLEGAL REQUEST asc=0x20 ascq=0x00

disable CD-ROM polling in HAL with command:

# hal-disable-polling --device /dev/acd0

Automatically configured X-Window starts in resolution as small as 800×600.

Configuring X

Create skeleton with:

# X -configure


Add those settings to get more then 800×600:

Section "Monitor"
       HorizSync       31.5 - 48.5
       VertRefresh     50.0 - 90.0
       Option          "DPMS"

Section "Device"
       Driver          "cirrus"

If you want to set specific resolution (1024×768 in this example) use:

Section "Screen"
       DefaultDepth 16
       SubSection "Display"
               Depth     16
               Modes     "1024x768"

Testing X.Org setup

To test your setup run:

# X -config

Finally move to xorg.conf:

# mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Now X.Org is configured. Login as plain user and run startx to start X-Window session.

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