ESE Key Daemon

ESE Key Daemon is a multimedia keyboard driver for Linux. With the 2.6 kernel series it can also handle remote controls, as they are presented as keyboards. No kernel patch is required. It is a userspace program that pools /dev/input/event? interfaces for incoming keyboard key presses. Package also includes Funkey daemon for 2.4.

Gentoo GNU/Linux have esekeyd in portage as app-misc/esekeyd.

Download: esekeyd-1.2.3.tar.gz

MD5: f257a865262d6f7956fdcbb18fe1d63a
SHA1: 636bc9662941e7310f377662a716f214723935b9

3 thoughts on “ESE Key Daemon”

  1. I’m still a bit fuzzy as to what this actually does…so I’m just going to ask you if it will allow me to use multimedia keys in a minimalistic desktop such as openbox. I realize xmodmap and the like are fine for that…but I’d rather have something like this automatically done depending on who is installing my distribution. Can this do this for me?

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