ESE Key Daemon 1.2.7 released

New version of ESE Key Daemon was released today.

New features include the ability to handle multiple key combinations and distinguish between key presses and releases. A problem with the handling of the last line in a configuration file when there is no newline on the last line is gone. Numeric keys are now also […]

Integration of AA Google 404 with Atahualpa

AskApache Google 404 default 404.php does not work properly with Atahualpa theme. To fix those problems create another 404.php file in /themes/atahualpa with this content:


Virtual destinations are faster than Camel routing

Routing messages from one input queue to two output queues in ActiveMQ can be done in two different ways. Apache Camel, a powerful rule-based routing engine often used with ActiveMQ, is a typical choice. Virtual composite queue is another solution. Which to choose? The faster.


Migrating from ActiveMQ-CPP/CMS version 2.2 to 3.0

Migrating from ActiveMQ-CPP/CMS version 2.2.6 to 3.0.1 is very easy. There are only two minor problems to deal with.


Optimizing GNOME for Netbooks

GNOME can be easily optimized for Netbooks using configuration editor. Disabling animations, thumbnails and splash screen speeds up GNOME while scaling down icons saves space on desktop.

Metacity will give the user less feedback by using wireframes, avoiding animations, or other means if /apps/metacity/general/reduced_resources is set to true. This can be set with gconf-editor or […]

Sptrace 1.4.2 released

New version of sptrace was released today. Sptrace is a secure ptrace() Linux Kernel Module (LKM). It limits users’ access to the ptrace() call. Module was updated to reflect changes in new kernel releases and tested with 2.6.26.


Keep Doxyfile in sync with Autoconf

Generating Doxygen configuration file – Doxyfile from Autoconf is simple and helps to avoid duplication of version numbers, input and output directories and packages names. Doxyfile can be generated like Makefiles from by configure script.


ClamFS 1.0.0 has been released

ClamFS 1.0.0 has been released yesterday. It contains some new features that might be quite interesting for its users.


ESE Key Daemon 1.2.4 released

New version of ESE Key Daemon was released today.

Release notes:

Fixed cross-compilation bug reported by hartleys. Removed debian directory (will try to include esekeyd in Debian). Removed old directory (Linux 2.4 users can use 1.2.3, but 2.4 support is no longer maintained). Removed lib directory (any modern (g)libc has getopt).

Download: esekeyd-1.2.4.tar.gz (.asc)

MD5: […]

Web browser anonymity threats

Anonymity in important for many people. Few years ago, it was problematic issue only for hackers, human rights workers and anonymity freaks. They want to keep they identity in secret for obvious reasons. They were traced only by law enforcement agencies and government. Today everything is much more difficult. Hundreds of advertising agencies trying to […]