Wampirzce – yet another Conway’s Game of Life implementation

Game of Life, a cellular automaton devised by the John H. Conway inspired many and became well known example of a cellular automaton. Game of Life is a zero-player game. There are no human players, moreover there are no players at all. Some time ago I have decided to create my own implementation of Life-like cellular automaton. I wrote it in C++ using Simple DirectMedia Layer and OpenGL.


My implementation is non-strict. I break most, if not all, Conway’s rules. First of all, there are no cells. Really. Wampirzce does not implement cellular automaton at all. Obviously also there are no cell patterns. I’m so sorry hackers, no glider here.

More screenshots: wampirzce-1-133-376.png, wampirzce-2-133-406.png, wampirzce-3-128-824.png, wampirzce-4-133-917.png, wampirzce-5-133-1417.png, wampirzce-6-130-1958.png.

Download: wampirzce-1.0.1.tar.gz (.asc)

md5sum: d20ade02b46d77e00f99de19fa3bd515
sha1sum: be09fb95216132a558c70c0e8f4591016fa332cd

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