GeoURL plugin for DokuWiki

GeoURL is a location-to-URL reverse directory which allow to find URLs by their proximity to a given location. This allow you to find neighbor’s blog or the web page of the restaurants near you.

This DokuWiki plugin allows you to set geographic data for your Wiki with GeoURL, which allows you and your visitors to find geographically nearly sites.

GeoURL plugin is based on Google Analytics plugin for DokuWiki by Terence J. Grant.

Install and upgrading just like Google Analytics plugin for DokuWiki. To enable you need to make changes in template you use. Code you have to add to you template is available from your admin panel after plugin is installed.

You can install it using plugin manager.

Download: geourl-20070310.tar.gz

md5sum: 6c82980970997c4fcc807a64573a3388
sha1sum: 0428312a019d52251f06ff06f9ed6cbfdba6c7bf

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